BLM Subsea Services

Is a company whose primary mission is oriented toward engineering and underwater work. Structural analysis, estimates and implementation of repairs and monitoring of structures are part of our business.

We have also developed new processes and set new standards in the procedures of data acquisition and presentation (three-dimensional modeling is one of them) so that we can ensure the management of structures will leave no room for interpretation. Our services are unique in this regard.

Docks, bridges, ships, water intakes, reservoirs, outfalls, dams and turbines are elements that we know very well. Feel free to contact us for any form of questions you may have about the viability or the repair of such structure.

We are confident that we can meet all your needs underwater engineering, expertise and underwater work.

Travaux sous-marins et entretien sous-marin


We show a realistic portrait in any situation.


For new construction or repairs, our intervention technique often permit us to do the work without using costly dewatering techniques.


Our qualified divers guaranties you a fast and efficient maintenance of your installations.