Services Subaquatiques BLM Inc.

Proud to offer its expertise for more than 20 years, BLM Underwater Services Inc. [BLM] is a company whose primary mission is oriented towards engineering and carrying out work in the underwater environment. BLM is active in the fields of engineering, underwater inspection, underwater construction work, 24/7 maintenance and emergency services and all types of underwater services to commercial vessels.


The BLM team is made up of a dozen employees, including engineers and divers, including a diving engineer. Our team of engineers and dive masters is happy to guide our clients towards realistic solutions while considering each person’s budget limitations. In addition, the stability and extensive experience of our dive team members ensure quality and efficient service to our clients.


Our teams can also count on the latest generation equipment, thus reducing the risk of delays due to equipment breakdowns. Finally, when required, a hyperbaric chamber and its operator are also available to meet health and safety requirements.


Among the clients served by BLM are cities, port authorities, provincial and federal government departments in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, rail transport companies, hydroelectricity production companies and many others. Our in-depth knowledge of the lakes and rivers of Eastern Canada gives us the advantage of accurately assessing the various constraints applicable to the underwater reality of the various sites.