Dock of Sandy Beach


BLM was put in charge of this project by the client: budget and schedule management, HR coordination, production of deliverables, etc. Underwater dock inspections were also carried out as well as characterization of certain objects previously observed during a sonar survey.




Dock of Sandy Beach, Gaspé – June 2012




PWGSC- Public Works and Government Services Canada


Nature of the mandate


Inspection of the wharf facade and characterization of certain objects at different locations in Sandy Beach Bay on behalf of Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Service rendered


  • Location of 18 objects and / or visible structures on a 3D image generated from a bathymetric survey inside an area of 60,000 m2
  • Technical data :
    • Location of points from a DGPS system
    • Film, describe and fully measure each of the objects and / or structures using an underwater camera
    • Identification of the objects present on the predefined transects
    • Characterization of the present marine life
  • Technical report including tables of obstacles and full description of the observed structures

Challenges and solutions


Different problems of locating objects on the seabed using geodetic coordinates on the surface of the water. These problems were solved using a DGPS system with the accuracy of less than a meter. Part of the transect and structures were inspected from our zodiac type boat. Diving from a boat presents significant logistical and technical challenges.