Underwater inspection is one of the areas in which BLM excels and stands out from the competition. Our methods allow us to establish a realistic portrait of all situations, regardless of the complexity of the interventions and their technical requirements. BLM’s underwater inspectors inspect structural elements located below water level to detect any defects that could affect their capacity, stability and user safety. Most of the diver inspectors have completed the structural inspection training provided by the Quebec Ministry of Transport. Thus, they are able to evaluate and quantify defects according to recognized criteria and charters. Each underwater inspection sequence is digitally recorded and documented in order to provide our client with a highly elaborate technical report including a drawing of material

Too often neglected, underwater inspection is the central element that allows a better understanding of the evolution of a structure. It will allow us to better guide the scope of rehabilitation work during the useful life of the structure.


BLM is constantly raising its standards in order to offer deliverables of the highest quality and integrity to
its clients. The integrity of the information presented in our subsea inspection reports is the essence of engineering. As mentioned previously, the quality and accuracy of the data provided will then facilitate the development of a refit program. Finally, it is important to recall the performance of our staff in terms of the intervention methodologies that we are continually developing. Over the years, BLM has developed a particular expertise in underwater inspections that allows us to evaluate with great precision the defects encountered, despite the difficult conditions in which underwater inspections are carried out.

Over the past few years, BLM has performed underwater inspections of renowned structures such as the Victoria Bridge (Montreal metropolitan area), the Quebec Bridge (Capitale-Nationale region) and the Fort  Erie International Railway Bridge (Ontario). In terms of experience and expertise in underwater inspections of engineering structures, BLM has carried out, in the last 5 years alone, throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces, mandates for underwater inspections, damage surveys and inventory updates for a total of more than 200 various engineering structures.

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